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Tender Common Template Details
TenderNo: 12041 Tender Ref. Date: 17-09-2015
Tender Ref. No: SHAR/MH/2020E1353901
Sr No Description Value
Tele No.08623-225023/225174/225127
Fax No.08623-225170/22-5028
e-Mail ID :,,


1. Instruction to Indigenous Suppliers:
a) Payment Terms shall be as specified in RFP. If not specifically mentioned Our Normal payment term is 100% within 30 days after receipt and acceptance of the item at our site. Please confirm acceptance in your quotation.
Please specify GST percentage, if any, in your offer. Please mention HSN code in your offer and IGST @ 5% will be paid as per Notification No. 47/2017 –Integrated Tax (Rate) dated 14.11.2017 and Government of Andhra Pradesh Goods and Service Tax Act, 2017 (Act No.16 of 2017), G.O.MS.No.599 Dated:12.12.2017. (IGST concession certificate will be provided along with PO) Our GST No. is. 37AAAGS1366J1Z1.
c) Purchase / Price preference to MSEs
Purchase/Price preference will be applicable to the product reservation admissible to the Micro and Small Enterprises. Purchase/Price Preference shall be extended to the MSEs under the Public Procurement Policy for MSEs formulated under the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Act, 2006. The participating MSEs in a tender, quoting price within the band of L-1 + 15% may also be allowed to supply a portion of the requirement by bringing down their price to the L-1 price, in a situation where L-1 price is from someone other than an MSE. Such MSEs may be allowed to supply upto 20% of the total tendered value. In case of more than one such eligible MSE, the supply will be shared equally.
Micro & Small Enterprises which have technical capability to deliver the goods & Services as per prescribed technical & quality specifications and may not be able to meet the qualification criterion relating to prior experience-prior turnover may be relaxed as per guidelines issued by Ministry of MSMEs & as amended from time to time.
Interested vendors shall specifically claim the benefit with supporting documents
2. Instruction to foreign Suppliers:-
a) Payment Terms shall be as specified in RFP. If not specifically mentioned Our normal payment term is SIGHT DRAFT, Please confirm acceptance in your offer, if you insist for L/C, and all bank charges shall be to your account. Confirm acceptance.
b) Please specify whether any export clearance is required in case of an order on you.
c) Warranty/Guarantee applicable for the item shall be mentioned in your offer
d) Special Certification for packing Material : as per Plant Quarantine (Regulation of Control into India) Order 2003, Articles packed with packing material of plant origin viz., hay, straw, wood shavings, wood chips, saw dust, wood waste, wooden pallets, Dunn age Mats, wooden packages, coir pith, pear or sphagnum moss etc., will be allowed entry by Customs only with a Phytosanitary Certificate. In case if a Purchase Order, if you propose to us any of the above material for packing such a certificate issued by your local Plant Quarantine Authority shall be furnished.
e) Confirm whether any Export License is required and for which End User Certificate is to be provided by us, in case of an Order on you. (Enclose format for EUC, if applicable)
f) Either Indian Agent on behalf of the foreign principals or the foreign principal directly can quote against this order, but not both. In either case an Indian agent cannot represent more than one principal against the same tender.
g) In case the quote is in INR we prefer to execute the same on HSS Basis and for which Concessional Customs duty as per Notification no.50/2017 Cutoms dated 30.06.2017,Serial No.539(A) as amended by Notification no.05/2018 dated 25.01.2018. In case the quote is on Indian Rupee (Outside High Sea Sale), the price shall include taxes and duties if any. We shall not able to provide any duty or IGST tax exemption/concession certificates. If the item quote is of USA make, please quote for all-inclusive price since we prefer to get the item on FOR destination basis.
Common terms to Indigenous and foreign suppliers
3. Warranty
You shall provide applicable warranty for the items offered by you without fail. For the applicable period you shall provide necessary warranty certificate.
4. Performance Bank Guarantee
Towards the performance of the systems during the warranty period you shall submit a performance bank guarantee equivalent to 10% of the order value to cover the warranty period. This PBG shall be interest free and the same shall be returned to you on successful completion of all contractual obligations. The said PBG shall have a further claim period of 2 months.
5. Security Deposit
On acceptance of the order, you shall submit an interest free amount equivalent to 10% of the total contract/order value towards security deposit. This security deposit is collected towards the performance of the Contract. The said Security Deposit shall be submitted either in the form of Bank Guarantee/Demand Draft/FDR receipts duly endorsed in the name of the centre. The Security Deposit will be returned to you on successful completion of the Contractual obligations; failing which it shall be forfeited/adjusted.
6. Offer Validity
Your offer shall be valid for 120 days in case of 2 part / 90 days in case of single part from the date of tender opening. In case you offer validity is less than the mentioned above, the said offer is liable for rejection which may please be noted.
7. Liquidated Damages:
If you fail to deliver the ordered items satisfactorily within the time specified or any extension thereof, Liquidated Damage @ 0.5%(zero point five percent) of the order value or part thereof the un-delivered items for each calendar weeks of delay shall be recovered from your bill. However total Liquidated Damage shall not exceed 10% (ten percent) of the order value.
8. Offers received through post,courier, fax or email will not be considered.
9. Technical and commercial bid (Part-I) shall not contain any price details. Optional accessories or other price details, if any shall be uploaded in Supporting documents related to Price Bid, to be opened along with Price Bid. 10. In respect of FIM being issued, the fabricator shall submit Bank Guarantee for equivalent sum compulsorily. In case, submission of Bank Guarantee is not possible, the reasons there for shall be clearly mentioned. However, for such cases the fabricators at their cost shall secure such FIM through Insurance Policy with Director, LPSC as beneficiary. In case of PSU and Government Organization, Indemnity Bond in lieu of Bank Guarantee is acceptable. Balance FIM/Scrap, if any shall be returned along with the supply of the items. Please confirm acceptance in your quotation.
12.SDSC SHAR shall have the right to place part order among the parties for the items for which they are the lowest.
13. Arbitration:
In the event of any dispute/s, difference/s or claim/s arising out of or relating to the interpretation and application of the Contract, such dispute/s or difference/s or claim/s shall be settled amicably by mutual consultations of the good Offices of the respective Parties and recognizing their mutual interests attempt to reach a solution satisfactory to both the parties. If such a resolution is not possible, within 30 days from the date of receipt of written notice of the existence of such dispute/s, then the unresolved dispute/s or difference/s or claim/s shall be referred to the Sole Arbitrator appointed by the Parties by mutual consent in accordance with the rules and procedures of Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996 as amended from time to time. The arbitration shall be conducted in Bengaluru in the Arbitration and Conciliation Centre –Bengaluru (Domestic and International) as per its rules and regulations. The expenses for the Arbitration shall be shared equally or as may be determined by the Arbitrator. The considered and written decision of the Arbitrator shall be final and binding between the Parties. The applicable language for Arbitration shall be “English” only.
Work under the Contract shall be continued by the CONTRACTOR during the pendency of arbitration proceedings, without prejudice to a final adjustment in accordance with the decision of the Arbitrator unless otherwise directed in writing by the DEPARTMENT or unless the matter is such that the works cannot be possibly continued until the decision (whether final or interim) of the Arbitrator is obtained.
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