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Tender No: SHAR/RO/2020E1362501 Tender Ref. Date: 31-12-2015
Tender Type: Public Tender Currency: INR
Description: IT Infrastructure Management Services
No. of Material: 1 Tender Mode: Multi Part
Division: Range Operations Purchase Entity: RO GM OFFICE
Remark: INSTRUCTIONS TO VENDOR (1) As per Notification No. 05/2018 CUSTOMS Dtd. 25.01.2018 ISRO is eligible to avail reduced rate of customs duty @ 10.775% (CD@5% on Basic +Surcharge@10% on CD + IGST@5% on Basic, CD & Surcharge). You please indicate whether your rate is inclusive of this Customs duty @ 10.775% (or) Extra. (We will provide Customs Duty Exemption Certificate in case of Import Orders/ imported supplies/ High Sea Sales).
(2) Important Note: Please note that the general terms and conditions enclosed to the tender enquiry are prior to implementation of GST. All parties are requested to note the necessary changes in view of implementation of GST w.e.f 01.01.2017 and submit your bids accordingly.
(3) Delivery Terms (Our normal terms are FOR Sriharikota / FOR Sullurpeta) (Note: We are discontinued collection of the material at your site. Kindly quote on the price basis of FOR Srihrikota / FOR sullurpeta only)
(4) As per Notification No. 47/2017-Integated Tax (Rate) Dt: 14.11.2017 issued by Ministry of Finance (Dept. of Revenue), SDSC SHAR is eligible to avail a reduced rate of IGST@5% for the procurements made by the Dept. of Space (DOS) being a Public Funded Research Institution. We will provide IGST Exemption Certificate. (OR) As per Notification No.45/2017- Central Tax (Rate) dated 14.11.2017 issued by Ministry of Finance, (Dept.of Revenue) and Government of Andhra Pradesh Goods and Service Tax Act, 2017 (Act No.16 of 2017), G.O.MS.No.599, Dtd: 12.12.2017, SDSC-SHAR is eligible to avail a reduce rate of SGST @ 2.5% + CGST @ 2.5%for the procurements made by the Dept. of Space (DOS) being a Public Funded Research Institution.
(5)Please provide your compliance to our tender annexure/specifications,
6. Earnest money Deposit is not required considering this tender is processing on E-mode( All EGPS vendors are exempted from payment of EMD)
Officer Name: PO_RO Officer Designation:
Tender Common Templates
Technical Write-up/Drawings TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR INDIDENIOUS ITEMS | Instructions to Tenderers (PT) | STANDARD TERMS AND CONDITIONS | Instructions to Tenderers for Two Part Bid
Sr No Item Description Unit Of
1 SERVICES IT infrastructure Management Services for a period of two years from 1.1.2021 to 31.12.2022 as per Terms and Conditions mentioned in RFP Lot 1
Fee Structure
SrNo Stage Amount (Rs.)
Seq No Buyer Stage Supplier Stage Start Date & Time Expiry Date & Time
1 Tender Release - 18-09-2020 10:00 21-09-2020 12:30
2 - Tender download 21-09-2020 12:31 13-10-2020 16:00
3 - Bid Submission 21-09-2020 12:31 13-10-2020 16:00
4 Bid Sealing - 13-10-2020 16:01 14-10-2020 14:30
5 - Open Authorisation 14-10-2020 14:31 16-10-2020 14:00
6 Tender Opening - 16-10-2020 14:30 21-10-2020 11:00
7 Tender Evaluation - 21-10-2020 11:01 15-12-2020 17:00
8 Price Bid Opening - 15-12-2020 17:01 16-12-2020 16:00
9 Price Bid Evaluation - 16-12-2020 16:01 31-01-2021 17:00
10 PO Release - 16-12-2020 16:01 31-01-2021 17:00